Heritage Rock is a 22,000 square foot two story office building located on the south side of Interstate 20 in Arlington, Texas, between Bowen Road and South Cooper Street. The building was completed in July, 2004.

The building design was inspired by the architecture found in early Texas frontier buildings.  During the planning stage of Heritage Rock, Michael H. Patterson, an Arlington native and Texas heritage enthusiast, came across a dilapidated school building in Oran, Texas that was built out of beautiful Texas red sand stone rock.  The rock was exactly what Mr. Patterson had envisioned adorning the exterior of his future office building.  Since the school house was in terrible shape and falling apart in areas, he did not believe that the school house had a chance to be "brought back to life" in it's current location.

After a bit of investigation, Mr. Patterson discovered that the building and property belonged to a local resident who had inherited it from his father.  The owner had decided that the building was more of an expense than an asset and decided to sell it to Mr. Patterson.  Mr. Patterson had the rock and other items of historic value removed from the site.  After the removal, Mr. Patterson donated the cleared land to the Oran Baptist Church. The Church plans to use it for a future playground.

Oran, originally called Black Springs before being renamed in 1886 after Oran M. Roberts (Gov. 1879-1883), was the first settlement in Palo Pinto County.  It was the home of famed cattle driver Charles Goodnight founder of the Goodnight-Loving Cattle Trail.  The Oran School building was built in 1931 on top of the site of the original wood school building built in 1908.

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